Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's been a while...

A very long while. Well, actually only a few weeks, but I still feel the need to update this thing again. The thing is, I hate updating it. For a lot of reasons, but mostly because: a.) it's annoying having to type everything i want to say. it'd be soo much faster (and easier) to make a video (there's an idea...:)) b.) it's boring talking about how i spend my days. really, i feel like i'm constantly saying the same things over and over. c.) blogger hates me. and i hate blogger. But anyway, because i'm such a nice person, I blog for you all anyway. :)
So to start off, I changed host families about 2 weeks ago. I really, really like my new family. And I really like that I can spend time here alone. I'm the kind of person who enjoys alone time every now and then. :) Oh, and I have a suuuupppppppeeeerrrr cool new room (thank you Nathalie :D). And a cat......but really this cat is probably the strangest cat I've ever met. It's so social. Almost like a dog, but still a cat. :)
The first weekend i was here, Nathalie's host sister in Argentina came to spend the weekend. Which was nice. We went to berlin and showed her the sights. we threw a little party and Agos and I talked most of the night to a 10 year old-Tom-completely auf Deutsch. :) It went surprisingly well. woohoo. :)
The next weekend I went to a concentration camp called Sachsenhausen somewhere closeby with Rotary. It was definitely not what i was expecting. Most of the buildings were recreations, which i think is really weird. Why on earth would someone want to recreate something like that? Even if it is so people can understand, i dont know, i just think it's kinda wrong. but whatever, it was really interesting. we found a tour guide who was american (we could tell by his awesome accentless english...i miss that.) and he was totally enthusiastic and really knew his stuff. so we followed him around quite a bit. :) what else? i started my volunteer work today. i'm helping out with a computer class every thursday for little kids (like 8-10 years old). yeah. and then on monday I'm helping one of the girls with math and english. i'm excited. :)
and oh my gosh, i am sooo sick of rain. it's literally been raining here nonstop for the past week or so. i'm ready for the snow to come.
so that's all for now.

bis bald,

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