Sunday, December 5, 2010

Snow. :)

well, I typed this up a while ago, but for some reason never got around to posting it. Woops. So the dates are acurate, but just ignore that, the rest is okay...I hope. :)

It's now officially December here in Germany (and in all other parts of the world too. :)) And we've got snow, which normally I'd be thrilled about because I love snow, but right now I hate. For lots of reasons. A.) I cant ride my bike to school, which means B.) I have to get up earlier to catch the bus and C.) I have to stand out in the cold for what seems like forever to catch the bus back home after school. And D.) Did I mention it's COLD?! Like 10-14 degrees every single day. Crazy cold. But at least it looks pretty outside. :)
December also means that I get to open up a little slot on my advents calendar everyday and eat a piece of yumminess (also known as chocolate. :)) But I have 2 calendars, so that means 2 pieces everyday. yum. :) I like this tradition. I'm bringing it back to America with me. :)
So what have i been up to lately? nothing much really. Sierra and I (successfully) celebrated Thanksgiving last weekend. Pretty awesome. we used absolutely no measuring cups, spoons, or anything of the sort, and yet everything turned out pretty darn awesome. we were very happy. and everyone seemed to really like it. it was a very nice feeling. :)
this weekend i was with friends. friday we made brownies, which didnt taste (or look) like any brownies i've ever had before. but they were good...well the one pan. the other pan was a little burnt. :) the next day we went to "markt der kontinente" at some museum in berlin. it was cool. very cool. very colorful and pretty and just cool. :) it was fun.

That's it.

Bis Bald,


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