Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Post of 2010

So since today is officially the last day of the year, I've decided I should probably do an update of what I've been up to for most of December.

I've been on break since the 23rd. I went to Berlin that day to do some shopping. Then the 24th we left for Dresden to spend Christmas (which is 3 days here :)) with my host mom's family. Christmas was pretty okay, but it's definitely just one of those holidays that dont feel quite right if you're not with your family. In Germany, Santa comes on the 24th in the evening, when the kids are still up. But he didnt come to our house. So I have yet to see Santa in my lifetime (with the exception of the Santas at the mall. :)) We ate quite a bit that weekend. Waaayyy too much. And I ate deer (Bambi's a deer, right?) Oh gosh, I'm glad I didnt know that when I was actually eating it. Because I didnt figure out what it was until right before I was about to eat it as a leftover. And once I knew what it was, it didnt quite taste right...

Anyways, the next day (Christmas Day) was just like a normal day. It was weird because it's like actually actually Christmas, but it felt like just a normal day. Which kinda sucked. But that's just how it is here. The only thing somewhat Christmas-y was the fact that we ate a big meal, midday, just like in America. Goose...or duck, I'm not quite sure, but both are better than poor, little Bambi. :)

The 26th is really when Christmas dies here. Like, technically, it's still Christmas here, but they dont really do anything. We got up, had a nice, big breakfast, and then headed back to Konigs Wusterhausen.

And that was my Christmas. I have to say, I prefer American Christmases. But probably because I'm American myself. It's amazing how things you think are just ordinary and nothing special are the things you miss the most. Although Christmas is special, but I never thought our way of celebrating was particularly special.

And yeah. My host family still had to work this week, so I was home alone. Which was nice, I like being alone. Everybody's always worried I'll be lonely or bored, but really I have absolutely no problem being alone. I quite enjoy it actually. So yeah, and then Wednesday I headed to Berlin and met up with Sierra. We went to two museums. The national art gallery or something and then the Neues Museum. At the art museum we made a new Australian friend. And we were talking about how it's currently summer in Australia and how (We dont really know her name, we couldnt really hear her, it's either Leah, Mia, or something else that ends with the ee-uh sound.) she was studying in Dusseldorf and Sierra got all confused and thought Dusseldorf had summer break right now and yeah, it was pretty funny. At least I think so.

The Neues Museum took us only 20 minutes to go through (that includes our potty break :)) We were distracted talking about other things. ;) So afterwards we had like 3 hours until I had to catch my train so we wandered aimlessly through Berlin. Which is pretty darn awesome. I love wandering aimlessly through cities of international importance. :)

And today is New Year's Eve. My host family is having a little shin-dig (I totally sounded that out, so dont count on that being spelled right). So that's what I'm doing tonight. We'll see how it goes. :)

Oh, and while I was in Dresden, we went to a castle! It was pretty cool. It was on an island and stuff and just awesome. :) What a way to spend Christmas Day, visiting castles. :)
So to end this lovely post, I'd like to wish y'all a very Happy New Year, and a belated Merry Christmas. :)
Bis Bald,

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Snow. :)

well, I typed this up a while ago, but for some reason never got around to posting it. Woops. So the dates are acurate, but just ignore that, the rest is okay...I hope. :)

It's now officially December here in Germany (and in all other parts of the world too. :)) And we've got snow, which normally I'd be thrilled about because I love snow, but right now I hate. For lots of reasons. A.) I cant ride my bike to school, which means B.) I have to get up earlier to catch the bus and C.) I have to stand out in the cold for what seems like forever to catch the bus back home after school. And D.) Did I mention it's COLD?! Like 10-14 degrees every single day. Crazy cold. But at least it looks pretty outside. :)
December also means that I get to open up a little slot on my advents calendar everyday and eat a piece of yumminess (also known as chocolate. :)) But I have 2 calendars, so that means 2 pieces everyday. yum. :) I like this tradition. I'm bringing it back to America with me. :)
So what have i been up to lately? nothing much really. Sierra and I (successfully) celebrated Thanksgiving last weekend. Pretty awesome. we used absolutely no measuring cups, spoons, or anything of the sort, and yet everything turned out pretty darn awesome. we were very happy. and everyone seemed to really like it. it was a very nice feeling. :)
this weekend i was with friends. friday we made brownies, which didnt taste (or look) like any brownies i've ever had before. but they were good...well the one pan. the other pan was a little burnt. :) the next day we went to "markt der kontinente" at some museum in berlin. it was cool. very cool. very colorful and pretty and just cool. :) it was fun.

That's it.

Bis Bald,