Thursday, November 4, 2010

German Halloween :)

Well, Halloween was the other day. It's actually probably my favorite holiday. It's like the only day when celebrating Randomness Day is socially acceptable. :) But I was totally let down by Germany's version. It was just so.....odd. First off, you have no idea which houses you can ring the doorbell at (actually you dont ring the doorbell, you push the button on the gate) because nobody's lights are on. Secondly, not everyone has candy to give to you. And if they dont have candy they'll do one of two things: a.) go searching in their house for something they can give you, whether it be oranges or half eaten bags of cookies (yes, we got both of those :)) or b.) they'll just give you some money (i got enough to pay for my train back from berlin. :)) but those who do have candy never have very much. maybe just one normal sized bag of candy that you buy at the store anytime during the year in the candy section. we also did more trick or treating at store than at houses. and when we went to the stores, they'd just take things off the shelves or open up the cash register to give you something. strange... but i spent halloween in berlin with my american exchange student friend sierra. her host family went all out for halloween, it was so cool. they made spider web cakes, carved pumpkins, had a little party, the whole nine yards. it was very cool. and sierra and i made last minute, make shift costumes. Cats! :) we had green ears, which we scribbled on with a sharpie so they'd look somewhat black and we safety pinned socks to our butts for the tails and we used eyeliner to make whiskers on our faces. very awesome. :) we had a good time. :)

in other news, i move to my second host family's house tomorrow. i'm excited. change is always a little bit exciting. :) and yeah...i dont have anything more to say than that really. :)
bis bald,

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