Sunday, September 12, 2010

I hate Mondays...

If I've learned anything from my exchange it's that school is boring no matter which country you attend it in. Getting up at 6:30ish five days a week is such a drag. And then the weekend comes and goes in blink of an eye. As you all know, I need a good 12 hours of sleep a night at least in order to function properly. :) And there's no way I'm going to bed at 6:30. That'd just be silly. :) But in all honesty, school isnt that bad. It's just exhauting and slightly frustrating. Not being able to speak really sucks. Maybe tomorrow I'll get lucky and wake up perfectly refreshed and not tired at all at exactly 6:30 with a perfect German vocabulary. :) Oh that'd be soo great.
But in other news...this weekend was spent superbly. I yesterday Jule and I went to a party for her class last year. And it was actually pretty fun. Some good conversations were had. :) I love talking about stereotypes, they're always so funny. :) Apparently I'm supposed to be blond and a cheerleader. And I'm supposed to date a football [player] (haha, Jule. :)) And I come from a family that includes a mom, a dad, and 2-3 kids. We live in a fairly nice, suburban home. And yeah. That's how my American life should be. As for the German kids I was talking to, their lives should go as follows: They wake up in the morning and throw on one of their many pairs of lederhosen. Then they go downstairs for breakfast. Breakfast consists of sausage, sauerkraut, and beer, just like all the meals they eat do. All Germans are mean and grouchy and impatient and punctual. And they all have no sense of humor (something that everybody laughed at when I told them. :)) And yeah, that's how a German's life should be. :)

And other than that I have nothing really to say. Actually, I didnt really say all that much in this post. It's just kinda meaningless rambling. Which you all will of course enjoy thoroughly. :)

Bis bald,

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  1. Is my year up yet without my daughter? I hope she comes home soon. Miss you Kait. Love Mommy.