Sunday, September 19, 2010

1 Month

I hate blogger. I had a very nice post typed, pictures included and went to post it and it errored and wouldnt post it. grrrrr..... So now you get the short reduced version. Sorry.

Yesterday officially marked 1 month in Germany. Totally crazy, the month has gone by so fast. Jule and I spent yesterday in Berlin visiting a giant mall called Alexa, the Ampelmann shop, ritter sport, and the ampelmann restaurant. and we found our rocker outfits (i'd tell you the story, but i dont remember it. but trust me, we NEED rocker looks.) and i tried on a dirndl! (and i wanted jule to try one on to, but she wouldnt. she's such the party pooper. :P) the ampelmann store was packed, so we it was as enjoyable as it could have been, but it was still super awesome. after the ampelmann store we went to the ritter sport store. one word can sum up this experience. yum. :) i bought some chocolate (500g to be exact) and some sweet (pun intended) bags. after that was the ampelmann restaurant, which i must admit, was SOO ghetto. but it was ampelmann so it was cool nonetheless. after the ampelmann restaurant we came home. and later we went to a concert thing in KW. and that's how i spent the day. overall, it was a totally perfect way to celebrate one month in germany (even though i didnt really realize that it was my 1 month anniversery with germany most of the day.) so yes, pictures now, with short captions, and that's all you'll get because i've already typed all this once and am very annoyed that i have to type it again.
Our rocker look. :)Ampelmann in action. :)Me, Jule, and Ampelmann. (the ghetto one at the restaurant :))

I got my picture with Ampelmann! :)Ritter Sport (oh how i love chocolate. :))Isnt it super cool?! You dont even have to answer because I already know. It is. 1000000% cool. :)

And that's all.

Bis bald,


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