Thursday, July 15, 2010


Okay. Lots to say. For starters, I HAVE MY GUARANTEE FORMS! (: It's really exciting, well at least it was for me. I got an email while I was on vacation from my country contact with the forms attatched and then when I got home a real copy of them was sitting in my mailbox waiting for me. And I think I sat there and stared at them for like ever. I was amazed by the handwriting. It sounds funny, but really it looks completely...foreign, which is awesome. (:
I've been keeping in touch with my host sister. She's totally awesome. I just know we're going to have a great time together. I've also been contacted by one of my Rotarians in Germany and her daughter who just got back from her exchange in America as well. It seems like everybody is really excited to me to get there, and I am insanely excited to get there as well. I have a feeling next year will be a good year.
This past weekend was our Ohio-Erie orientation. A whole weekend with exchangers, pretty awesome. It was pretty fun, but it definately had it's boring times. But it was just really great to talk about exchange all weekend and meet a whole bunch of people going through the same things I am and who are just as excited as me. And it's totally crazy, but some of them are leaving next week for their exchanges! I cant believe it's all coming so soon! I've been waiting for these days for way too many months. And there finally here. My last days in America. Only 32 of them left. Which reminds me. My travel agent emailed me. I'll most likely be leaving on August 17th. So I have just over 4 weeks left in this country. It's crazy to think about. This time next month I'll be in Germany! Totally exciting!
My next post will probably be when I get my travel itinerary, which should be about mid-July, so possibly next week.

Bis bald,

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