Thursday, February 17, 2011

Titles are always so hard to come up with.

Well hello there. It's been a while. Blogs are too time consuming. :)

To update you all on the highlights of the last two months:
-I went to a creepy club with some friends (and it just so happened to be goth night......that explains the creepiness) That day we also went to Ikea and just chilled and ate our Ikea cookies and some flower juice boxes (well, we drank the juice, not ate it. :)) It was a very fun night.
-My host grandparents came for the weekend. My host family had given them tickets for a dinner theater, a "krimi dinner." The theme was wedding in black and the dinner was set in the 60s, and they were expected to dress the part. Their costumes were freaking fantastic, I must say. And we took so many pictures of them, in front of the fireplace, in front of the house, it totally reminded me of homecoming. :) And they got 2nd place for their costumes. Pretty good.
-I went to the Long Night of Museums. Quite cool. It would have been cooler though if it wasnt so cold outside. Buuuut, we did manage to learn some Italian from Julian, our favorite Italian. :) And I exercised my ability to do amazing Italian hand gestures (which he wasnt too enthused about) So now I can swear very nicely in a lovely language. :) And my gestures are PERFECT. :)) After that I spent the night at Sierra's then she came home with me the next day and slept over at my house for 2 nights. Talk about a marathon sleepover. :)
-2 weekends ago my host family and I went to Thueringen, a state somewhere south of Brandenburg to visit some friends of theirs. And on the way back we stopped at Buchenwald, a concentration camp in Weimar. It was just...there are no words. It was a weird feeling knowing that I could possibly be standing where someone took there last breath. That if I had been there only about 70 years or so ago, the circumstances would have been completely different, completely horrifying. But it was also hard to imagine at the same time. Because there wasnt very much left of the camp. And it's hard to really, honestly imagine human being ever being that cruel. Ever.
-Last weekend was our 3rd exchange student orientation. It's crazy to think that my exchange is already more than half over. I'm now and oldie. And the 2011-2012 exchangers are already starting to arrive (well, the ones from the southern hemisphere)
-Which brings me to my latest news. News as of 2 or 3 hours ago: I'm officially coming home on July 4. I know I'm flying with at least 2 other exchangers, we'll see who else ends up coming along. Honestly, I'm not quite sure about how I feel about coming home. I'm excited to come home and see my family and sleep in my bed (or in the guest bedroom :)), but at the same time, I want to see what else will come of this year. And I'll always wonder what would happen if I stay just a few weeks longer. And I like it here, I dont know, it's a strange feeling, thinking about going home.
But for those of you who are curious and/or anxious, here's my itinerary:

July 4, 2011
Berlin 8:45
Frankfurt 9:55

Frankfurt 11:10
Philadelphia 2:00

Philadelphia 4:05
Dayton 5:47

And the jet lag this time is going to be killer. At least on the way here I had an overnight flight, so I could at least try to sleep a little. But this is all daytime travel thanks to the time difference. Here's hoping my family entertains me enough to keep me awake that night until at least 9. :) I'm sure they will. :)

So that's it. Here's some pictures. :)

Ikea cookies!


Beary finally got his picture with the Brandenburg Gate on the Long Night of Museums. Yes, he went to the Long Night of Museums. Be jealous. :)

Bis Bald,

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