Monday, August 23, 2010

Random things in Germany

well, since i'm currently writing an email to my brother full of random things that i've seen in germany, i figured that instead of writing the same things twice i'd just copy and paste part of the email onto my blog. enjoy. :)

sooo....... what should i talk about? some funny happenings in germany maybe?
okay! (:
-on the way to their house from the airport in berlin
we were getting off the autobahn. there was a car just stopped in the
middle of the road. when we went around it we saw that it was stopped
because a guy was peeing in hte grass next to the car. definitely a
memorable first impression. (:
-yesterday (i think i told you already on
skype, but i'll tell you again just for the fun of it) we went to the
beach. 2 words. naked people. running around. on water slides. men wearing
speedos. yikes.
-according to my host grandpa, Salt, as in the
movie, is about food. otherwise why would they call it salt?

and yeah, that's all i've got right now. let's see... what else? i
started school today. it's different here. for one, i cant understand anything,
so i really have no idea whatsoever what went on today. i'm repeating the 10th german... school was only like 3 hours today. and yeah, since i
didnt understand very much i cant really tell you what happened.

tonight i'm headed to a rotary meeting. my first on in germany.
i'm hoping my host club is hosting some other exchange students, but i
dont think that's the case. shucks... i love exchange students. the ones i
met on my way to germany (in philadelphia, but especially the ones that flew
with me to berlin) were super duper. i'm excited to see them again. i think
our first inbound orientation is in mid-september, so like a month away.

And that's all i have to say today. :)

Bis bald,

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