Thursday, March 11, 2010


I'm Kaite. I'm 15 and I'm going to Germany next year on exchange. It's actually pretty crazy to think about. Foreign exchange has always seemed like a crazy dream to me. Something I've always thought would be absolutely awesome to do, but something that would never ever happen to me. But it is. This time next year I'll be somewhere in Germany, speaking a different language, living with a different family, doing different things. Everything aspect of my life will be completely different. But I'm so excited and so ready.

Right now, I want to know exactly where I'm going so bad. Like it has completely consumed my thoughts. It's ALL I think about. 24/7, Germany, Germany, Germany. I check my email like 15 times a day. No joke. It's insane. And people always ask me, "Oh where in Germany are you going?" And I always have to say that I don't know. Very frustrating. But what I do know is that I'm going to district 1940, in northeast Germany.

And sadly, this information is just not enough for me. Well, not anymore. When I first found out it was great. I was sooo happy. But now I want to know more. Sheesh, exchange is really making me impatient. :)

Bis später!


  1. Hey, i'm going to germany too! I'm going with afs. I was wondering, why don't you have an option to follow your blog?

  2. Ha, I didnt even notice. I just went in search of one. I found it at the top of the page on the little toolbar thing. It say like follow, share, report abuse, etc.